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Elite Talent Policies

  • A non-refundable annual registration fee must be paid prior to the first lesson to cover administration and mailing costs, and intellectual property fees for music.

  • Accounts for students must be finalised by the end of week 4 of each term or due date on invoice. Fees are based on NSW school terms; Fees are charged on a per term basis. By default, fees must be paid in full unless a payment plan has been agreed upon in writing.

  • LATE PAYMENTS: Late payments will be placed onto the invoice if not paid by the due date as of 2021. A $10 late fee will apply each week to fees paid after the due date as specified on invoice.

  • Changes or cancellations to enrolments will only be accepted in writing. Cancellations after a term has commenced still incur full term fees, including those opting to pay via direct debit, or in instalments.Term Fees are strictly non-refundable.

  • End of year dates/classes may change and substitute for trophy day , Concert and or other events created by Elite Talent.  You will not be credited for this.

  • SERVICE VOUCHERS: If you have creative and active kids vouchers, we will NOT accept them at the studio in person. They will need to go through our website and this will then be processed onto your invoice.

  • Students with outstanding amounts on their accounts may be excluded from classes until their fees have been brought up to date. No student will be allowed to participate in the annual concert whilst there are outstanding class fees or costume fees.

  • A receipt will be issued only on request.

  • Please do not interrupt your class with fee enquiries. All account enquiries should be addressed to our email .

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to keep our records up to date by informing us in writing of personal contact detail changes or changes to classes.

  • There are no refunds given for missed classes – Make up classes are  available

  • Studio Lab charges a 2.6% Fee on all card payments.

These are already included in your total on fees located in family portal.




In order to keep Elite Talent running smoothly and safely please help us enforce the following guidelines :

  • Students must not enter a studio without a teacher being present.

  • The waiting room is not supervised by teachers, nor is it a playground. Please behave appropriately and courteously.

  • Siblings in the waiting room are the responsibility of the parents and should be supervised by them.

  • Parents should organise a safe drop off and pick up system that takes into account the age of the student and road safety.

  • If you have contagious illness please do not attend class and let the office know – we have students in our classes with serious medical conditions to whom contracting these conditions may be life threatening.

  • We aim to be a “nut-free” zone – no foods containing nuts should be brought into the studio.

  • No food or drink (with the exception of water) should be taken into studio 1, 2 at any time.

  • Parents are not allowed to watch classes unless invited to do so by the teacher.

  • We take child protection very seriously – all teachers and staff at Elite have been checked and approved by Child Protection Authorities. We also have a CCTV system installed in all studios so that the teaching environment can be monitored at all times.

Parents enrolling their children at Elite Talent need to be aware that certain elements of the program could be physically demanding and that there are certain inherent physical risks in the activities in which the students may be participating. While Elite Talent and its staff will make every reasonable effort to teach students proper dance technique, all risk associated with these activities cannot be foreseen or may be beyond the control of Elite Talent staff

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